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“The mountains are calling and I must go.” – John Muir


In my life, there is no conflict between work and leisure time. I love what I do, be it for work, be it in my free time since both areas are coined by me acting as a sovereign and freedom-seeking individual. On top of all my aforementioned interests and activities, I do one to two peaks per week (either with mountain boots, trekking shoes or touring skis), mainly in the Swiss Alps.

Catch a glimpse on the mountain side of my life.

Some of my mountaineering highlights

  • Kleiner Mythen 1811m, from/to Alpthal, Schwyz: 02.10.2021

  • Uri Rotstock 2928m, from/to Isenthal, Uri: 22.09.2021

  • Haldensteiner Calanda 2806m, from/to Vättis, St. Gallen: 09.09.2021

  • Schesaplana 2964m, from/to Seewis, Graubünden: 07.09.2021

  • Saaser Calanda 2584m, from/to Saas, Graubünden: 15.08.2021

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