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I’m a serial entrepreneur with founding and/or C-level roles in ICT, robotics, and cleantech ventures. 

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Hoffmann Economics

Managing Partner & Founder

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Hoffmann Economics is an investment and investment advisory boutique which a partner and I set up and own.

Our holding is currently invested in path-breaking startups in Switzerland, Panama, Malawi, and Canada.

We're always on the lookout for:

1) innovative, 2) scalable, and 3) economically compelling cases.


For investors, especially business angels, family offices and foundations, we offer consulting services to help the client realize a higher ROI and to support startups with a graspable real-world impact in lieu of startups that produce mere hot air about how they claim to eventually save the planet and/or society.

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House of Lab Science

Director & Co-Founder

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The House of Lab Science is the community company where life-sciences businesses and innovation are at home.

My team and I offer Lab-as-a-Service in Hombrechtikon and Kemptthal, ZH, and in many other places where Houses of Labs will open their doors as well as proprietary and third-party services on our proprietary HLS marketplace.

Join us!

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Inspired by the baobab tree, the majestic tree of life which cannot be embraced by a single person, the Baoba AG pursues the vision of creating a new digital social ecosystem that strengthens relationships between people, creates a stronger sense of belonging, and connects people across different cultures. It’s high time to bring social media to the next level.

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Director & Co-Founder

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Chiweto was initiated at ETH Zurich and is now based in both Freienbach, Schwyz, and Malawi in southern Africa. My team and I help smallholder farmers to have better farming practices through inclusive innovative digital solutions while addressing development partners’ data needs.

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Entrepreneur in Residence

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KetoSwiss develops “brain fuels” as nutraceuticals and medical food products for the therapy of migraines, which are efficacious and close to the root cause of the disease without intolerable side effects. We develop potent, clinically tested, Swissquality ketone body products and our portfolio could be extended to other neurological diseases.

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Director & Co-Founder

Greenbelt rests on two pillars: the establishment of our own fashion brands for avatars and real persons, for the latter by working closely with textile manufacturers that allow for refinement of their products. On the other hand, we serve SMEs throughout Europe in all kinds of consumer industries to make them fit for the digital era by providing web shops, content creation, social media management, among others.

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