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From the Uomo Universale to the Homme De Lettres  

It’s my firm belief that researchers and experts should not only accumulate academic knowledge and produce insights for their small community in the ivory tower, but step down, explain and share their findings with a larger audience. Therefore, I have kept on publishing pieces in blogs, newspapers and magazines. Here’s a selection. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Complete publication list
with 100+ publications

Academic Work:
Business, Economics and Finance

Academic Work:

  • 2024. Analyse klassischer und quantenmechanischer Wahrscheinlichkeitsbegriffe. Eine Zusammenschau. Angewandte Philosophie. Eine internationale Zeitschrift. Available here.

  • 2023. Die Philosophie der Philosophie: Was zeichnet genuin philosophische Fragen aus? Linguistische Berichte, 274: 215–235.

  • 2022. Technological brave new world? Eschatological narratives on digitalization and their flaws. Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness, 9: 331–347.

  • 2022. Der Hauptsatz in der Ars conjectandi: Interpretationen von Bernoullis Beiträgen zu den Anfängen der mathematischen Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie. Siegener Beiträge zur Geschichte und Philosophie der Mathematik, 16: 75–96.

  • 2022. Human Intelligence and Exceptionalism Revisited by a Philosopher. 100 years after “Intelligence and its measurement”. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 29: 56–79.

Non Academic Work:

Non Academic Work:

Academic conference papers accepted

  • 2015. Structure-based Explanatory Modeling of Systemic Risks. Towards Understanding Dynamic Complexity in Financial Systems. International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics.

  • 2015. Systems-Theoretical Lessons from the Financial Crisis: Towards Understanding Systemic Risk and Dynamic Complexity in Financial Systems. International Society for the Systems Sciences Conference.

  • & Müller, J.F. 2015. Symbolic Risk Modelling. Formal details. Computing in Economics and Finance. Society for Computational Economics, Annual meeting 2015.

  • & Müller, J.F. 2015. Managing Extreme and Systemic Risks: Today and Tomorrow – A Plea in favor of the Known. International Conference in Critical Management Studies.

  • & Grösser, S.N. 2014. Strategic planning in banks, embedded in a dynamically complex financial system. Annual Meeting of the Strategic Management Society, Madrid.

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